A fully automated HPLC System (Bio – Rad Variant) is used to separate and determine hemoglobin A2’ hemoglobin F, D1S1C and E and glycosylated hemoglobin. Thus we can detect Thalasemia Minor and Normal Person.

SOP for Software Calibration of T-ACE-II+

Switch off TACE-II+ equipment. Press the "Value" & "Menu" switch at once & Switch on the TACE-II+ & hold the pressing until the LCD screen of TACII++ display the  Scale Calibration. After displaying the "Scale Calibration", Screen will instruct "Remove all bags & press "START". Then press "START" button. After that It will instruct to put 200gm weight on plasma scale. T

Standard operating procedure for ELISA PROCESSOR EUPHOREIA 4.0

START UP Switch ON in the sequence monitor, computer, printer and Euphoreia 4.0 instrument. Open the cover of the instrument with the help of "↑" UP Switch. PREPARATION BEFORE STARTUP Check whether waste bottle is full or not, if it is full, please empty it. Check whether wash solution & distilled water are enough or not, if it is not enough please add some. Check whethe