BHAVNAGAR BLOOD BANK  is licensed to issue following products:
Whole Blood

Whole blood is a term used in  transfusion medicine  for human  blood from a standard  blood donation. The blood is typically combined with an  anticoagulant  during the collection process, but is generally otherwise unprocessed. In the US, the capitalized "Whole Blood" means a specific standardized product for transfusion or further processing, where "whole blood" is any unmodified collected blood.

RCC (Red Cell Concentrate)

This product is indicated in anemia and for the patients having blood loss during surgery, due to accidents, because of the obstetric and gynecological complications etc.

FFP (Fresh Frozen Plasma)

Patients having liver disorders and bleeding disorders mainly need FFP.

RDP (Random Donor Platelet)/ SDP (Single Donor Platelets) by apheresis procedure

This product is product is for patients suffering from bleeding disorders. SRKRC staff prepares random donor and single donor platelets (SDP). SDP are obtained on Cell Separator machine using apheresis procedure.

Leukoreduced RCC

Leukoreduced products will minimize the risks of febrile transfusion reaction. It is preferably given to immunocompromised or thalassemic patients.

Thalassemia screening is done at bhavnagar blood bank