Standard operating procedure for ELISA PROCESSOR EUPHOREIA 4.0

Switch ON in the sequence monitor, computer, printer and Euphoreia 4.0 instrument. Open the cover of the instrument with the help of "↑" UP Switch.
Check whether waste bottle is full or not, if it is full, please empty it. Check whether wash solution & distilled water are enough or not, if it is not enough please add some. Check whether the Tips  Waste discharge is empty or not, if it is not , please empty it. Confirm that the tips are loaded in all the 4 tip racks station. Confirm that there are enough print  papers in the printer.
Log on windows operating system, after that click on Euphoreia 4.0 software Icon on the desk top. To select any of the desired menus followed by entering of Use and Password for login – in.
Before Proceeding for the Processing of a test, you should set up Following Parameters.Click on Configuration menu followed by entering the User and Password for entering into the configuration menu. Click on the test icon for programming a new test. Create as many test program as required. Make a test profile if needed. Click on the Dep/Patho.  menu for adding the department / pathology information. Click on Header / Utility menu for setting the Test Result print report format. Click on the Users menu to create multiple users and to grant individual permission as per user Grade.
Click on the Work list/New menu followed by entering User and Password for Login – in. Select saved profile or test to create a work list. Profiles/Tests (Combination of tests) Test (Single test)  Click on + New button to add one sample at a time or ++ New to add multiple samples at a time with ID    Code.        Click on the Test name column to assign the respective test for samples. Select the Samples and create the work list by clicking on Create List menu. Save the work list. Exit the work list menu.
Click on the Run menu followed by entering of User and Password for login – in. Select the saved work list to be run. Select the Automatic mode button to execute the work  list and to run the profile. Place the Reagents, Samples, Standards / Controls and Micro Plates in respective positions as shown in RUN window. Pour the correct Volume in the respective reagent bottle as mentioned in the RUN Window. Select the filled Tip station to be used by instrument. Click on the Run icon for starting the test. On completion of the test exit the run window and go to the report menu for printing the test results.
When all the tests are completed and the system is in standby, you can click Exit button by clicking on exit menu.      
After exiting the Euphoreia 4.0 software, power OFF in the sequence the printer, monitor. Remove all the reagents, samples, discarded tips and plates from the instrument. Keep the working place and the instrument clean and dry. Close the cover of the instrument using in ↓ DOWN switch. Switch OFF Euphoreia 4.0 instrument by pressing the Front Panel power switch followed by rear panel Rocker  switch. If necessary please empty the waste bottle.